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3 core cable 240mm2 copper conductor XLPE insulated cable supplier

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0.6/1kV PVC Insulated Overhead Cable Price

For single core PVC insulated or covered overhead cable without messenger or neutral conductor, the phase conductor may be AAC or AAAC or ACSR or Copper.


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RVV 3*2.5 mm2 flame retardant flexible sheath white wire manufacturer

Product Name: copper conductor PVC insulated and sheathed flexible wire (flame retardant)

Product model: ZB-RVV 3*2.5mm2 50m

Conductor: oxygen free copper


PVC cable manufacturer teaches you how to locate cable fault points

(1) sound measurement method: the so-called sound measurement method is based on the fault cable discharge sound to find, the method for high-voltage cable core wire on the insu...


ACSR Manufacturer Explains the Advantages of Products for Us

Now there are many standards for the selection of steel-cored aluminum stranded wire in the market. In this case, the buyer is very concerned about the manufacturer of the produ...


Steel core aluminum stranded wire main product advantages and prices

When we first learned about the steel-cored aluminum stranded wire, it was because it developed very rapidly in the industrial market, and such a product must have an advantage ...


300 / 500V PVC Insulated Round Cable Price

Product Standards: GB/T5023-2008 IEC 227-1:1993 JB/T8734-2012


Conductor material: Copper oxide-free core (copper content: 99.9%)