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Jiapu Cable actively to deal with the rise in aluminum price

Recently, the cable raw materials rose, although the situation is grim, it also proved that the cable market demand continues to grow, Jiapu is actively deal with the price rose...


Henan Jiapu Cable`s ACSR order from North American country is going to delivery

Today, Jiapu Cable`s ACSR goods is going to delivery to North American customers. 

Tinde`s departments work together, from the beginning of contract signed to the del...


Jiapu Cable organizes employees to carry out product knowledge and market training

In order to impr...


Henan Jiapu Cable year summary meeting held smoothly

On September 15th, the Jiapu Cable held a mid-2017 meeting in the company's conference room, which focused on the summary of the work in the first half of 2017, the problems...

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