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Concentric cable structure diagram

Concentric cables for energy supply are used for industry and distribution boards, power stations, house connecting boxes and street lighting as well as control cable for the tr...


Basic structure and advantages of power cables

The basic structure of the power cable consists of a core (conductor), an insulating layer, a shielding layer and a protective layer.


The core is th...


Aluminum bare transmission conductor manufacturer

Ⅰ Applications

The product is widely used in the overhead power distribution system,and it is one of the main products for forming electrified wire network.


0.6/1KV Aluminum Core PVC Insulated Overhead Power Cable Manufacturer


0.6/1KV Aluminum Core PVC Insulated Overhead Power Cable


It is usded to transmit and distribute power in power tr...


Performance of Aluminum Alloy Cables

1, cable carrying capacity

Aluminum alloy resistivity between aluminum and copper, slightly higher than aluminum, and lower than copper, in the same cut-o...


What is the reason why the power cable is heating up during operation

1, the cable conductor resistance does not meet the requirements, the formation of cable in the operation of the fever scene.

2, the cable selection type ...


What are the advantages of PVC cable?

1、Manufacturing technology is mature, easy molding and manufacturing. Compared with other types of cable insulation materials, not only low-cost, in the surface color, matt, pri...