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The basic principle of wire and cable selection

In the selection of wire and cable, generally pay attention to wire and cable models, specifications (conductor section) choice.

1. Selection of wire and ...


The application of the 26/35 kV XLPE power cable?

Medium voltage cables for distribution networks; also for connection to generation units and plant and process connection. For installation in ground, in water outdoors,indoors ...


Maintenance method for power cable line malfunction

With the improvement of living standards, low-voltage cables play an increasingly important role in life. Commonly used are: 0.6/1kv aluminum service drop/xlpe power cable/elect...


Precautions when installing flexible cables

   Flexible cable is different from ordinary fixed installation cable, in the installation, please refer to the following installation and attention:



Failure overhead cable and preventive measures

(1) In the distribution line, because the line horizontally, and a smaller distance between the lines, if the wires within the same span sag is not the same as when the wind is ...


What's the role about the cable inner sheath?

What's the role about the cable inner sheath?

Insulation will not make water, air or other objects in contact, insulation to prevent insulation from moisture and ...


Relationship between Cable Voltage and Core Number

Single-core cable: Longer lines,when the circuit with large working current or underwater laying is used, in order to avoid or reduce the intermediate joint, or the single-core ...

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