Armoured Power Cable

Application Property:

Compared with the non-armoured power cable, the armoured power cable have some advantages as below :

1.To increase the mechanical strength of the cable, and improve the anti-erosion capacity.

2.It can be used in any way installation, and more suitable for directly buried installation in rock area.

3.It's usually fixed laid power cable, colloquially  fixed in a place and dose not move, as dynamic power transmission line transfer electrical energy.

4.It can enhance the tensile strength, compressive strength and other mechanical protection to extend the service life.

5.It has certain external force resistance, to avoid the power transmission problem through the armored layer by mouse's tearing. 

6.The bending radius of armoured power cable need be big enough, and armoured layer can be in the ground to protect the cable.



1.Standard of products: IEC60502-1,BS5467 ,BS6346 ,VDE 0276-603, IEC60502-2, BS 6622;

2.Rated voltage:0.6/1kV,3.6/6kV3.6/6(7.2)kV,3.8/6.6(7.2)kV,6/10(12)kV,





Solid / Stranded Copper or Aluminum

Shape of Conductor

round ,sectored

Number of cores

Single,two ,three ,four, five,3C+E,4C+E,3C+2E

Nominal Section Area

1.5SQMM, 2.5SQMM, 4SQMM, 6SQMM, 10SQMM, 16SQMM, 25SQMM, 35SQMM, 50SQMM, 70SQMM, 95SQMM, 120SQMM, 150SQMM, 185SQMM, 240SQMM, 300SQMM, 400SQMM,500SQMM,630SQMM,





Type of Armouring

Aluminum Wire

Fine Steel Wire

Double Steel Tape

armoured power cable

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