550KV RIF Dry-Capacitance Porcelain Insulation GIS Outlet Bushing


It is unnecessary to adopt special monitoring and maintenance for the products as they belong to the gas-free and pure-soild major insulation structure products;

The partial discharge starting voltage has been improved greatly, to be free from partial discharge in operation, due to the large insulation design margin and semiconducting materials as the capacitor screen;

Inflaming retarding insulating materials with stable electrical performance and without decomposition, without combustion and explosion hazard;

Compact structure small volume, light weight, convenient for transportation, may be installed at any angle;

The products are especially suitable for the heavy earthquake regions for their reinforced fiberglass winding, optimized dynamic laying design, high bending strength and excellent mechanical performance;

Perfect high and low temperature resistant performance, ranging from +135℃, to-200°C;

The products with silicon rubber compound shell may be sued to the heavy polluted area for their excellent anti-fouling property;

Long performance life and low longtime running cost;

Products period is short; the products may be designed specially according to the use`s requirements.

Main Performance

Technical standards

GB/T 4109-2008 IEC60137 Ed.6.0

Rated voltage


Rated current


lmin power frequency dry voltage   withstand


Full-wave impulse withstand voltage of   lightning


Operation impulse withstand voltage


Under 1.05 times of maximum phase   voltage tanδ

≤0 .004

Partial discharge under 1.5Um/√3


Bending resistant test load


Minimum nominal creepage distance


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