High Voltage XLPE Insulated Power Cable


The products are used to transmit and distribute power in transmission and distribution system of 110kV or lower.They are applied to the fields including power, construction, mines, metallurgy, petrochemical industry and communication in complete replace of oil immersed paper insulated power cable and in partial replace of PVC insulated power cable.


Operating Property:

1. Installation temperature: ≥0°C

2. Long-term permissible operation temperature: ≤90°C

3.Under the condition of short circuit (the max. continuing time should not exceed 5 seconds), the max. operation temperature:250°C

4.Minimum bending radius:

   Single-core cable: 20 X overall diameter 

   Multi-core  cable: 15 X overall diameter 

5.Suitable environment:

   Direct burial in the ground and the capacity of bearing certain mechanical force, not be proper in the pipeline



1.Standard of production: IEC 60840, AS/NZS1429.2, VDE 0276-632;

2.Rated voltage: 38/66kV, 48/66kV,64/110kV;

3.Shape of Conductor: round ,sectored;

4.Number of cores: single;

5.Nominal Section Area: 240SQMM, 300SQMM, 400SQMM,500SQMM, 630SQMM, 800SQMM, 1000SQMM;


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