Joint Box for OPPC


OPPC splicing is the most important part in the whole project , in OPPC, due to the current and communication signals are transmitted over a cable, and it requires the use of "high-voltage isolation insulation" separation technology and photovoltaic technology in the connector box, the security reliably isolated from voltage and signal, fiber optic transmission of communication signals connected to the zero potential level, to ensure the safe operation of the line.


OPPC connector box using the same voltage level with the line "of silicone rubber composite insulators." Depending on the manner of use, can be divided into intermediate and terminal type. Generally, the use of an intermediate connector box "type of non-conductive insulating fiber connection box" in a fusion splice connector box; and the terminal connect or box using the "high-voltage isolation insulating fiber connection box" , on the next two fusion splicing.

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