Large Power Transformers

In the power range above 250 MVA, generator and network intertie transformers with off-load or on-load tap changers, or a combination of both, are recommended. Depending on the on-site requirements, they can be designed as multiwinding transformers or autotransformers, in 3-phase or 1-phase versions. Even with ratings of more than 1,000 MVA and voltages up to 1,200 kV (800 kV), the feasibility limits have not yet been reached. We manufacture these units according to IEC 60076 as well as other international and national standards (e.g., ANSI/IEEE).

Generator step-up (GSU) transformers

GSU units transform the voltage up from the generator voltage level to the transmission voltage level, which may be as high as 1,200 kV system voltage. Such transformers are usually YNd-connected.

In order to make an inquiry regarding a GSU power transformer, the technical data for the items in this section are required.

Step-down transformers

Step-down transformers transform the voltage down from the transmission voltage level to an appropriate distribution voltage level. The power rating of step-down transformers may range up to the power rating of the transmission line.


System interconnecting transformers

System interconnecting transformers connect transmission

systems with different voltages together so that active as well as

reactive power can be exchanged between the systems.

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