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The difference between high temperature resistant cable and


Fire-retardant cable and cable have special flame-retardant, low fuming and toxic smoke-suppressing properties, except that the required property is 694:1990. In the event of a fire, ordinary PVC insulated power cable, xlpe power cable, thick black smoke and toxic gases of hydrochloric acid. The damage was fatal and prevented the rescue operation.

The high temperature resistant wire is suitable for the connection line of the electrical instrument with the rated voltage of 450/750V and below and the transmission line of the automatic control system. With oil, water, wear, acid and alkali resistance and a variety of corrosive gases, anti-aging, non-combustible and other excellent properties, suitable for metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical and other industries.

The biggest difference between the two is in the degree of temperature resistance and whether it can be burned. Because of the high and low quality of the wire insulation material technology, the temperature resistant wire is higher than the temperature that the general wire can withstand. Generally, it can withstand 200 degrees, when the temperature reaches 200-300 degrees, the wire will also burn. The Jiapu cable home flame retardant wire can withstand 1000 degrees high temperature, even if it exceeds, because of the high-tech flame-retardant wire jacket material and high-tech materials, the wire will not burn, resulting in open flame, only melt.


The difference is that the flame-retardant cable can prevent the spread of fire in the event of a fire. The materials used are different. The flame-retardant cable contains flame-retardant components. The flame-retardant cable does not have these properties.

High temperature resistant cables are based on temperature resistance. There are two main types of high temperature resistant cables: one is a silicone rubber cable with a temperature resistance of 180 degrees, the other is: F46 insulated and sheathed cables have a temperature resistance of up to 250 degrees.

Flame-retardant cables are based implementation of the standard GB12666, can be divided into A, B, C three. Non-flammable length determination when flame is removed.