RIP Dry-Type Transformer Bushing


It is unnecessary to adopt special repair and maintenance for the products as they belong to the oil-free and pure-solid major insulation structure products;

The partial discharge starting voltage has been improved greatly due to the large insulation design margin and semiconducting materials an the capacitor screen;

Inflaming retarding insulating materials with stable electrical performance and without decomposition, without combustion and explosion hazard;

Compact structure, small volume, light weight, convenient for transportation, may be installed at any angle;

The products are especially suitable for the heavy earthquake regions for their reinforced fiberglass winding, optimized dynamic laying design, high bending strength and excellent mechanical performance;

Perfect high and low temperature resistant performance, ranging from +155°C to -200°C;

The products with silicon rubber compound shell may be used to the heavy polluted area for their excellent anti-fouling property;

Long performance life and low longtime running cost;

Production period is short, the products may be designed specially according to the user`s requirements;

High-strength enamel creepage extenders may also be available for the customer;

Bushing may be equipped with intelligent devices that are used for the on-line inspection of bushing state, so as to meet the requirements of smart power grid.

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