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Technical requirements for construction of power cable

Construction cable using PVC cross-linked power cable, the conductor running the maximum rated temperature of 90 ℃, short circuit when the longest duration of not more than 5 seconds, the maximum conductor temperature does not exceed 250 ℃, cable laying gap is not restricted. YJV4 × 25 power cable for 50HZ AC rated voltage 0.6 / 1KV and below transmission and distribution lines, the cable conductor of the maximum rated temperature does not exceed 160 ℃, laying the cable when the ambient temperature should not be less than 0 ℃, cable bending radius of not less than 15-20 times the cable diameter. YJV4 × 25 power cable with double galvanized steel, wrapped around the smooth, steel specifications in line with GB2952.2-89 4.2.1 provisions.Power cables and control cables and their supporting equipment, auxiliary equipment, cable accessories and all parts required for complete installation.7.jpg All the selected cable models, specifications see the design. All kinds of cables according to the People's Republic of China national standards or the appropriate international standards for the design, manufacture, installation, inspection. The power cable section is selected according to the design drawings. The entire section of the low-voltage power supply lines, all using YJV4 × 25 copper cable, using buried.8.jpg The various properties of the cable meet the requirements of the relevant national standards and laying the environment. From the box-type substation lines, the use of YJV4 × 25 cable laying to the nearby distribution box, and then by the local distribution box will lead to the various lines of the lighting circuit. When crossing the road through the steel pipe protection, both sides of the cable hole.All cable connectors and accessories should be used cross-linked thermal shrinkage material cable accessories, other cable joints need to go through the supervision engineer certification, no matter what way, the insulation strength should not be lower than the original insulation level of the cable. The insulation color of the cable connector is the same as that of the cable housing.