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Transmission line of 500 kv Java – Bali, Indonesiai, Indonesia


Abeinsa-China made the proposal to Tinde Power in Spring of 2014 for cooperation on supplying overhead cable and accessory for OVER HEAD LINE OF 500 KV Java to Bali, Indonesia.
We acted as manufacturer for the 218km, 500kV transmission line from PAITON to WATUDODOL.

Products supplied:
Conductor ACSR Zebra
Earth Wire AS95
Ground OPGW100
Joint Box
Gantry Joint Box
Conductor fittings and accessories
Tower Loadings
Suspension Insulator and hardware
13.jpgKey facts
    The tenderer required the technical support and manufacturing service of a 500kV multiple-circuit guyed tower transmission line
The confirmed contact value was USD 4.5million
The delivery period is 6 months
The project required the cable and accessories to be fit for purpose, yet cost-effective
The transmission line from Paiton power generation complex to Watudodol crosses over river, mountains and rainforest. Fierce operation condition requires higher strength and better performance on corrosion resistant of all cable and accessories.
Economical approach to the design of towers by type testing the design parameters at an accredited testing center in Shanghai.
Special treatment were applied to the cable and accessories for anti-corrosion property.
Value and benefits
Our experience provided an economically advantageous and environmental adaptable solution to meet the project objectives.
Capacity to supply power to the east Java and Bali was increased substantially