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Overhead line of 500 kv pingdingshan coal power plant to Zhengzhou, Henan, China

As response to State Grid Corporation of China’s call for supplier for OVERHEAD LINE OF 500 KV Pingdingshan Coal Power Plant to Zhengzhou, Henan, we participated this transmission line renewal project. Following this further works were required to maintain the line such as replacing cable and accessories over 110km. We acted as material supplier.9.jpgKey facts
Our manufacturing and supply services included studying of archive technical file of the existing line, identifying all related cable and hardware need to be replaced, adopting appropriate replacement and ensure the applicability and performance of all new parts. Our specialist team worked with all exports and technician along the route and several internal departments within State Grid.
Cable and Accessory required:
Overhead Aluminum Conductor With Steel Reinforced
Aerial Earth Wire
Silicon Insulatorsa
Strain Insulators
Drop Out Fuse
Lightning arresters 
And hardware for towers
10.jpg Challenges
The line was built in 1990s. And this was the first time that we dealt with full line of this type had been replaced to the required extent on a 400kV route, which was also to remain in-situ. If required it was to be returned to the client for full operation in an emergency within seven days for one route and four days for the other.
Due to the integrity of the line, the pre-construction phase was reduced from a typical 18-month period to eight months to meet the delivery milestone. This presented its own challenges including a reduced survey timescale, which makes the feasibility study, program analysis in a short time, and also requires more efficiency on our technical and sales team and higher production standards. 

Value and benefits
This is a pretty typical case in domestic China. By performing a contract in a urgent notice and shorter period, our teams were well tested and improved. Our experience helped the transmission line go live in 2012 in good shape to continue supplying electricity to the provincial capital in the long term.