Suspension Clamp for OPPC


The suspension clamp for OPPC is mainly used to hang OPPC cable on the transmission line support and connect immediate support or angle less than 25°. Each support is matched with one set.

Inner preformed armor rods: Aluminum alloy. It enhaces outer layer of OPPC. 


Outer preformed rods: Aluminum alloy.

Suspension head: It includes (a)plastic insert, (b)aluminum housing,(c)bolt, (d)lock washer (e) lock nut, and (f)anti-loose pin. Plastic insert, made up of high quality rubber and centro-reinforcement, has high strength, good elasticity and low compression deformation. Aluminum housing is formed by pressing and forging corrosion resistant aluminum alloy. Bolt, lock nut, lock washer, and anti-loose pin are all hot galvanized standard components.

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